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Clarindale Apartments

Date October 2018
Company Aultun Property Group
Products Fire evacuation diagrams
Building Clarindale Apartments


The Overview

October 2018 – Carter from Aultun Property Group emailed us asking if we could assist with fire evacuation diagrams for a new development they had completed at 1213 Centre Rd, Oakleigh – Clarindale Apartments.

The Project

Clarindale Apartments, situated in South Oakleigh is a low-rise development with aesthetically pleasing gardens and stunning surroundings. Consisting of 3 buildings linked through spacious courtyards, this offers top of the line residential properties in the perfect area.

The Company

Aultun Group, founded in 2012 specialise in multi-residential projects. Working with industry leading architects they are able to offer the highest quality finishes throughout all areas of Melbourne.

The Process

After finding us on a Google Search Carter emailed us asking for assistance in creating evacuation diagrams for this new development.

Working together we were able to design evacuation diagrams for the building compliant with AS3745, including location of a suitable emergency assembly area and locations to install the plans.

35 Evacuation diagrams were designed and submitted within 2 weeks. To say Carter was impressed with our services is an understatement.

Project Summary

It was an absolute pleasure to be involved in such a high end development and we would be more than happy to work with Autlun Group again in the future.