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Evacuation Diagrams

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Evacuation Diagrams

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams are vital to show fire and evacuation information to your occupants and visitors.

This is an Australian Standard requirement as part of your facility’s evacuation plan, in accordance with AS 3745-2010 & failure to adhere can result in penalties up to $30,000.

Fire Evacuation Diagrams need to clearly show evacuation procedures, fire & safety equipment, designated exits, details of emergency assembly areas & more.

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Evacuation Diagrams help to;

Prevent personal injuries

Provide clarity and direction when moving to an assembly area during an emergency

Prevent loss of lives in the event of an emergency

Reduce effects of an emergency

Prevent damage to property

Reduce interruptions to business

Evacuation Diagrams Australia - Fire Protection Australia

Who needs

Evacuation Diagrams

Australian Standards AS3745 details the requirements for Evacuation Diagrams.

Anyone conducting a business or undertaking at a facility must have Emergency Evacuation Diagrams throughout their workplace.

This refers to:

Property owners

Managers of a building

Anyone operating a business that may have visitors or occupants

Evacuation Diagrams Australia - Fire Protection Australia

Important Information About

Evacuation Diagrams

As part of your facilities emergency evacuation plan your evacuation diagrams must be designed & installed in accordance with Australian Standard AS3745-2010.

It is your legal obligation to ensure an effective emergency evacuation plan is in place and failure to do so will result in penalties.

In Queensland the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 dictates the legislative requirements for Evacuation Diagrams. Contact us for more information about Queensland Evacuation Diagrams.

Diagram Location

The location and number of evacuation diagrams is determined by the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC).

Emergency evacuation diagrams must be displayed in locations where the diagrams can be easily viewed by occupants and visitors.

The total quantity required will be dependant on numerous factors – building class, quantity of occupants/visitors etc.

Diagram Position

Your evacuation diagram should be located at a height not less than 1200 mm and not more than 1600 mm above the finished floor level.

Evacuation Diagrams Size

Each evacuation diagram must be minimum A4 size (i.e., 210 mm × 297 mm) with a pictorial representation of the floor/area of at least 200 mm x 150 mm or an area of 30,000 mm².

If any optional elements are included:

The minimum size is A3 (i.e., 297 mm x 420 mm).

A pictorial representation of the floor/area of at least 300 mm x 200 mm or an area of at least 60,000 mm².

Diagram Orientation

As per AS 3745 Evacuation Diagrams must be orientated according to the location they are installed. The site plan showing the assembly point as well as the floor plan must be orientated according to the ‘YOU ARE HERE’ location.

Australian Requirements

Australian Standard Requirements for Evacuation Diagrams

Minimum Elements

Australian Standard AS 3745-2010 Clause 3.5.6 lists a range of elements which must be included in an evacuation diagram:

  • You Are Here symbol
  • Designated exit points and evacuation paths- Fire extinguishers and types
  • Fire blankets
  • Validity Date (this is slightly different for Queensland)
  • A symbol legend
  • Location of the workplace & site address/facility name if applicable
  • Assembly point location either written or in a picture

Optional Elements

Australian Standard AS 3745-2010 Clause 3.5.7 lists some optional elements which may be considered by the EPC for inclusion on the diagrams.

  • First aid kits & Defibrillators
  • North direction
  • Emergency Information –in accordance with your Evacuation Plan
  • Spill response kits
  • Direction of door openings for emergency doors
  • Electrical switchboards
  • Fire hydrants

Installation of

Evacuation Diagrams

The most important thing to remember when installing Evacuation Diagrams is to follow the position requirements mentioned above – 1200mm to 1600mm off finished floor level.

Evacuation diagrams are often installed to fire doors (e.g. entrance doors to apartments, or hotel rooms, and fire stairs), as well as smoke doors and fire rated walls. In doing so care must be taken to ensure the fire-rating of the door or wall is not impacted by using screws or similar fasteners.

    Evacuation diagrams can be provided in many formats, just a few that we can provide are:

    • Electronic .PDF format
    • Laminated Paper
    • Snap-lock Frames
    • Aluminium Composite Material
    • Acrylic Perspex
    • Brushed Aluminium
    • Signwhite Material
    • Polypropylene

    Evacuation Diagrams


    How much do emergency evacuation diagrams cost?
    Our Evacuation Diagrams start from $100+GST. There are a few factors influencing the price – is a site visit required? Are there floor plans available?
    Which areas in Australia do you cover?

    We cover all of Australia. From major cities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc. to rural towns – Kalgoorlie, Bundaberg, Broome & more!

    Can we mark-up the information & install the diagrams ourselves to keep costs down?
    Yes you can. We will work with you and your team to ensure all required information is available for us to create your plans to Australian Standards.
    How often do my evacuation diagrams need to be updated?

    Your Evacuation Diagrams must be updated every 5 years or with any renovations or changes to your fire/safety equipment. In Queensland this varies slightly.

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    Fire Block Plans Reviews

    The guys at Fire Block Plans helped get our fire evacuation plans validity date up to standard and specification. They were very professional to deal with and assisted us in getting full compliance in a timely manner. They were also very affordable and assisted us in every step to make sure all aspects were covered. We would definitely use and recommend their services again.

    George Azar

    Contracts Administrator at Skope Constructions, Mt. Kuring-Gai, NSW

    We found Fire Block Plans through a google search whilst looking for a company that could provide evacuation diagrams in the ACT. The communication was great from start to finish which really helped with our tight deadline. After they visited our site they proceeded to design the drawings in around 4 business days. There were no changes required & the diagrams were installed 2 days later! Very impressed with their works & highly recommend Fire Block Plans for anyone needing evacuation diagrams.

    Tony Godbee

    Centre Manager at RPM Australia, Mitchell, ACT

    We were recommended Fire Block Plans from a local Townsville company for our new Regional Data Centre evacuation plans. The quick and reliable turnaround by Gordon and the FBP team was exceptional.
    Brett Mann

    Director at BBM Projects Consulting, Townsville, QLD

    I am currently based as a building manager, within a premium asset in Melbourne that required upgrades to our site Evacuation plans . Due to works from a previous contract not being sufficient and non conformed. I sourced Fire Block Plans. Gordon was very responsive and helped us with the current design and layout for our complex with the final signs that had been missing. Great service and cost saving approach to help us out. Highly recommended and will consider in future sites.

    Josh Crowhurst

    Building Manager at Concept Blue Apartments, Melbourne, VIC

    While planning for emergencies, we engaged Fire Block Plans to provide evacuation diagrams for our 27 sites across Australia, situated in major cities & small rural towns. As there were no existing floor plans for most of the sites they were to attend site to mark-up, design the plans, then return to install.

    Their communication with all our site managers was excellent, ensuring we were aware of any inspection dates. The diagrams look extremely professional and were completed in a timely manner Our experience with Fire Block Plans was terrific and we highly recommend them for anyone needing evacuation diagrams.

    Andrew Kereopa

    OHS & Warehouse Manager at JAS Oceania, Melbourne, VIC

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    Australian Evacuation Diagram


    Emergency Evacuation Diagrams Australia - Fire Protection Australia
    Emergency Evacuation Diagrams Australia - Fire Protection Australia
    Emergency Evacuation Diagrams Australia - Fire Protection Australia
    Evacuation Diagrams in Australia

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